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Paolo Falomo


In 2009 i’ve started my digital career with Planetario Di Padova and for 2 years i did a lot of movies. I’ve also worked with Studiotiveron (creators of fddb.org).

I think i love tech stuff since i was 8 years old and that because i love problem-solving. Even when you pass hours coding  and you find THAT solution. God! I love that feeling.

I am currently working at Exozero1 as Head of Web Division. I also work with some startups like AnyPark where i am the Lead Backend Developer & Solution Architect. I’ve recently started a Creative Network named Altercode (sorry – might be just italian).

Some days i feel like i know everything but some days it seems i know nothing – but i don’t know what feels better!

I am an official wordpress developer and author of WP Flickity Plugin that’s based on flickity made by Dave De Sandro (asa Metafizzy), i’ve a YouTube channel where i like to put my DJI Mavic Pro Videos

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